Original Equipment Manufacturer.

An item supplied under the brand (i.e. Motorola) of the equipment (handset) the item is designed to be used with. Not necessarily manufactured by the brand. The brand (i.e. Motorola) may approve and licence a manufacturer (i.e. Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd) to supply items as OEM.


Non Original Equipment Manufacturer.

An item that has been designed for use with the equipment (handset) but not supplied under the brand (i.e. Motorola) of the manufacturer of the equipment that the item is to be used with.

We supply both OEM and Non OEM equipment.

Our Non OEM equipment offers savings over OEM equipment and has been carefully chosen to provide a cost effective alternative and offer performance that will meet the needs of most users.

For some items we do not offer a Non OEM alternative, in particular for ATEX and power items.